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Not even a pandemic can keep the spirit down 2560 1342 Episcopalians in Connection
Not even a pandemic can keep the spirit down

I often remark that in the 27 years I have been a bishop, my all-time favorite activity is Sunday morning visitations to parishes. Mariann most always goes with me and as we drive toward each of our 73 congregations, we recall the people we look forward to seeing and as we drive home, we share…

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Spice jar service 480 446 Episcopalians in Connection
Spice jar service

A year ago, as we were part way through Lent and all our churches, schools and some businesses suddenly had to shut down because of a new virus we could barely pronounce, one of my daughters had an idea. Could we have a family worship service on Zoom? It was an easy yes. We so…

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Gratitude leads to resiliency 486 323 Episcopalians in Connection
Gratitude leads to resiliency

For the last 25 years, I have worked at a nonprofit pediatric clinic. I have seen many changes over the years. One of the most significant changes I have seen is the trend toward treating the whole person, not just the person’s health concerns. Stress, anxiety, grief, and depression have been directly linked to many…

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