Supply Clergy

Several clergy throughout the Diocese of Southern Ohio have indicated their willingness to fill in for worship services on an occasional basis. Clergy who would like to be added to the list should complete the form below.

Download the current Supply Clergy list (updated 09/22/22)

Compensation for Supply Clergy

Effective 05/03/17, according to the diocesan Advisory Committee on Compensation & Resources (ACCR)

  • Weekday: $75
  • One (1) Service: $125
  • Two (2) Services Same Day: $175
  • Three (3) Services Same Day: $225

Plus round-trip mileage at the current IRS rate ($0.585/mile through June 2022, increases to $0.625/mile July 1- Dec 31, 2022) and overnight lodging and meals when required.

  • Pastoral care: $35/hour plus mileage and agreed-upon reimbursable expenses
  • Pension payment of 18% is due for all transition or supply clergy (not already receiving their pension) that are expected to be regularly employed for five or more consecutive months by the same employer and compensated by that employer, exclusive of travel.
  • Anyone employed by the church for greater than 1500 hours annually must be provided basic health and dental benefits
  • Health benefits in congregations must reflect equanimity for all employees. The options for coverage are employee only, employee + 1 or full family. Insurance plans can be found here

It is recommended that a check be prepared for the supply priest to be presented on the day that the service is rendered. If this is not possible, a check should be sent within one week from that day. In cases of extended supply or special circumstances, please confer with the supply priest regarding other arrangements for compensation.

If you have questions, please contact the Rev. Canon Michael Spencer, Canon for Transitions and Congregational Ministry, at

Supply Clergy List form