Working with Media

To increase the probability of getting your church’s information published, a solid relationship with the media is important. Advertisements often are sent to a newspaper, but do not meet the print deadline. Or, editors need to know more information about what is submitted, but there’s insufficient contact information. The list can go on of simple mistakes that may prevent your church’s information from being published. Below are some basic tips to working with the media.

Media Top Six

1) Form strong relationships with the media you work with the most.
2) Send information which is newsworthy for the community.
3) Provide sufficient contact information of the designated contact person(s).
4) Be sensitive to how many press releases you send to a particular media outlet. Too many press releases from your church can be exhaustive for the media which may prevent information from getting published. Determine the importance of the information before sending it to the media.
5) Meet the deadlines of the media.
6) Continually thank the media for working with you. Also, recognize good work by sending a quick note.


Sometimes determining if information is newsworthy can be difficult. When selecting newsworthy information, editors look to see if the information has one or more of the following elements:

  • Current information: Does the information reflect something that is currently taking place instead of something that took place a while ago?
  • Human interest: Does the information focus on people? People enjoy reading about the lives of others.
  • Newness: Does the information reveal something new?
  • Local angle: Is the information of local interest?
  • Significance: Does the information impact many people?
  • Uniqueness: Does the information present something unusual?
Where to Send Information

Media organizations are comprised of many editors who are in charge of different areas of news. There are editors who are in charge of sports, religion, lifestyle, local news, etc. Knowing which editor to direct information will be beneficial.