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Visitation Schedule

Episcopal visitations

As part of their episcopal ministry, bishops visit each congregation of the diocese on Sunday mornings. This time is spent in worship, prayer, conversation and fellowship. It is a key time for the bishops to listen and talk with parishioners.

Due to restrictions on in-person worship during the COVID-19 pandemic, the bishops have been “virtually” visiting congregations during their online worship when possible. You can see or hear several of Bishop Breidenthal’s sermons from his virtual visitations here.

According to the Canons of the Episcopal Church, a Bishop Diocesan, Bishop Coadjutor, Bishop Suffragan, or Assistant Bishop of the diocese shall visit the congregations within the diocese at least once in three years.

Bishop Thomas E. Breidenthal is assisted in episcopal visitations by Bishop Kenneth L. Price, retired bishop suffragan of Southern Ohio, and Bishop Nedi Rivera, retired bishop suffragan of Olympia.

If you have questions about the visitation, please contact your local priest or the bishop’s office at 800.582.1712.

2020 Visitation Schedule

updated 9/18/20

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