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Changes spell an uncertain future 750 563 Episcopalians in Connection
Changes spell an uncertain future

Way up in the most northeastern corner of our diocese, sitting on the Ohio River in Belmont County are two small towns, Bellaire and Martins Ferry. Although many people in our diocese have likely never…

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Irma Tillery: A Tribute 500 608 Episcopalians in Connection
Irma Tillery: A Tribute

Irma Tillery Irma Tillery, organist at St. Andrew’s, Evanston, (Cincinnati) for over 30 years, played a pivotal role in bringing the Lift Every Voice and Sing hymnal and the beautiful heritage of…

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Welcoming the stranger through futbol 749 472 Episcopalians in Connection
Welcoming the stranger through futbol

How do you capitalize on a year’s pent-up energy (or couch potato-hood) from distance learning? Offer futbol! (Known in the US as soccer) The Transformations CDC Futbol team in their new uniforms. The…

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Coat extravaganza 741 589 Episcopalians in Connection
Coat extravaganza

Neighbors gathered for a weekly food distribution and were able to select a coat donated by parishioners of Church ofthe Redeemer, Cincinnati, and St. Anne’s, West Chester. Thanks to bags…

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Feeding ourselves and others 560 420 Episcopalians in Connection
Feeding ourselves and others

An informational Q & A on Episcopal Community Ministries What is ECM? Episcopal Community Ministries (ECM) is a diocesan grants committee born in 2020 from the former ECSF, (Episcopal Community Services Foundation)…

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Procter Center living up to its legacy 828 621 Episcopalians in Connection
Procter Center living up to its legacy

In 1952, William Cooper Procter donated 1200 acres of farmland to the Diocese of Southern Ohio. One thousand of those acres were rented out to farmers and produced funds for the newly organized…

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Small church with a big heart 640 480 Episcopalians in Connection
Small church with a big heart

Fr. Seth Wymer, accompanied by Deacon Paul Scanlan, blesses the hundreds of pairs of underwear donated by parishioners at St. Paul’s, Logan, for their first Undie Sunday. St. Paul’s Church…

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From small beginnings come great harvests 360 270 Episcopalians in Connection
From small beginnings come great harvests

Vacation Bible School, providing new shoes to school children, making sure that children have all the supplies they need to begin a successful school year, community dinners, educating the community about addiction…

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First day of school 480 640 Episcopalians in Connection
First day of school

The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Athens sits in the heart of Ohio University, across from the campus library, next to the alumni center, on the way to classes, dorms, and…

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