Society of St. Simeon and St. Anna

The Society of St. Simeon and St. Anna celebrates exemplary Christian ministry. The purpose is to recognize, honor, and celebrate the wisdom, experience, maturity, and achievements of older persons (60 and older) in the Diocese of Southern Ohio.

  • Must be at least 15 years as Episcopalians
  • Lay or clergy
  • Faithfully ministered in family, community, church, nation, or world
  • Publicly acknowledge a positive image of the contributions of aging persons

Like St. Simeon, they offer us the consolation of God through difficult times or when we begin to doubt.
 Like St. Anna, they inspire us to believe in a liberation that is always fresh and alive with new hope and new energy.

Criteria for nomination
  • Living examples of Christian witness, compassionate lives of faithfulness to the gospel of Christ Jesus; the hope of the gospel for all persons in the diocese
  • Outstanding service to the church
  • Living community of prayer
  • Model for Christian living
  • Look to society for images of life that are lived in imitation of Christ

  • Pray for bishops and diocese
  • Advise bishops or others when asked
  • Encourage local parish/mission and other individuals to actively seek knowledge and understanding of the realities of aging
  • Continue to present a positive image of aging
  • Share wisdom as all seek to grow in the stature of Christ

Nomination to the Society

Any individual or congregation in the diocese is encouraged to nominate one individual or couple. In order to assure that nominees cover a diverse geographic area, congregations who have presented nominees in the past two years should not forward any nominees this year.

Nominations should be submitted via our online form below. If you have any questions, contact Canon Julie Murray at or at 800.582.1712 ext. 110.

    • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    • About the nominee

      Please use the following areas to describe the exemplary Christian ministry of the nominee. Not all criteria will apply to all nominees.

  • *deceased

    Class of 1995
    *Lillian Barber
    *Marguerite Bowden
    *The Rev. Clarence Decker
    *Samuel Kidd
    *Lelia B. Lewis
    *The Rev. Sanford Lindsey
    *Dr. Fred Preston
    *Helen Seward
    *Mary Slagel
    *Dr. Mary Sohngen
    *Mary Elizabeth Votaw

    Class of 1996
    *Marcia Bethel
    *Ed Daniel
    *Lois Field
    *Eileen Katzenberger
    *Mary Bain Kuhn
    *Alice L. Lees
    *Francis Markley
    *Martha Moorehead
    *Dr. John Owen
    *Fanella M. Smith
    *Genevieve Katherine Snider

    Class of 1997
    *The Rev. Edwin Badger Jr.
    *Marcia Bethel
    *Ruth Jones
    Constance C. Klarer
    Patricia Midgley
    *Doris Miller
    *Shirley Knight
    *Walter R. Mitchell
    *Rebecca L. Redman
    *Ruth W. Shotwell
    *William E. Smith

    Class of 1998
    *Raymond Chapman, Sr.
    *Marjorie Donovan
    Eleanor “Chris” Saunders
    Dorothy Stacey
    The Rev. Kenneth E. Clarke
    *Louise Flynn
    *Jane Price
    *Dr. Paul McStallworth
    *The Rev. Arthur Savage
    *Theresa “Peg” Skelton
    *Dr. George Wileman

    Class of 1999
    *Elizabeth Kelly
    *Francis J. Markley
    *Dorothy McLean
    *V. Marjorie Newman
    *Carl S. Newman
    *Ada and Jim Titus
    *Eleanor McKee Goosman
    *John Washington

    Class of 2000
    *Mary Beth Cherrington
    *Roberta W. Holzer
    *Jean MacGregor
    *Charles Starr
    Joan E. Thiele
    *Dorothy Jane Hawke
    *Robert M. Hughes
    *Colleen Bryce Mitchell
    *John Rumer
    *Katherine P. Thomas
    *John K. Webster

    Class of 2001
    Rawlinson E. Barriteau
    Vi Das
    Martha Kepler
    Carlene Phillips
    *Eloise Medley Allison
    *James E. “Jack” Baltzell, Jr
    *Herman Adams
    *Elizabeth Higgins
    *Martha Kepler
    *Francis W. Stanton

    Class of 2002
    *The Rev. Arthur A. Good
    Barbara Patterson
    *Vivian S. Templin
    Elmer R. “Ace” Tollefson
    *Richard Tuttle
    *Ruth Avram
    *Loris “Lori” Adele Davidson
    *Dr. David W. Hazel
    Mary Summers
    *Richard Tuttle

    Class of 2003
    *James Purcell Bruckmann
    Mary Burbage
    *Buckner Burbage
    *Gifford Doxsee
    James Goethel
    Helen K. Mangelsdorf
    *Lawrence German
    *Sue Goldsmith
    *Elsie Marie Hall
    *Rolla Ladd
    *Edith “Edie” Tolley

    Class of 2004
    The Rev. Theorphlis Borden
    *Carol Burns
    *John Burns
    *Joe Eighme
    *George Lytle
    *The Rev. Paul Nicely
    *Ann Nicely
    *Harriet Schmitt
    *Dorothy Headlee
    Catherine Loveland

    Class of 2005
    *Bishop Herbert Thompson

    Class of 2006
    *Wes Herrick
    Rosie Holloway
    *Willis Holloway
    Dr. Joe McKell
    Ida Riley
    *Peggy Thoney
    Colleen Willis
    *Don and Sally Wire
    *Richard Drew
    *Donna Hart
    *The Rev. Canon Gordon Price
    *Ruth Price

    Class of 2007
    Joan Brown
    Rosemary Chute
    Carol Davidson
    *Joan Deisler
    *The Rev. Gay Boggs O’Keefe
    *The Rev. Thomas J. Timmons III
    *Tim Cronin
    *Alma Dziama
    *Eleanor Gallagher
    *Dr. George John
    *Phyllis Schively
    Brenda Spradling

    Class of 2008/2009
    Jean Ann & Fred Black
    *Chet Cavaliere
    *Joy Cavaliere
    *De Meta Jenkins
    Dorothea Rienstra
    Jean & Ray Riley
    *Minerva Silver
    *Marcia Wing
    *Jud and *Pat Ellertson
    *Doris Swabb

    Class of 2010
    Doris (Dodi) Holmes
    Marilyn McKim
    Julie Nehls
    Doug & Elaine Palmer
    *Carlos Romero
    Joan Thomas
    Larry Wiley
    *The Rev. Cliff Atkinson
    *The Rev. Laura Chace
    *Mary Harris

    Class of 2011
    *Anna Adkins
    Dorothy Powell
    Robert M. Jones
    Mary Neal Miller
    *Carmen Van Doren
    Nancy Strasburg
    *Bob Strasburg
    *Dick & Polly Gray

    Class of 2012
    Judy Held
    Michael Williard Kilbourne
    Betty “B. B.” McCollom
    *Johnny Morse
    *Elizabeth McKeever Ross
    Donald Richard Welti
    Hobart J. “Joe” Wiseman
    *I. Victor Yancey

    Class of 2013
    *Lilian Bayman
    Susan Leech Kennedy
    Jane Porter
    Alice Salyer
    *Jim Salyer
    Joan Taylor
    *Fred Taylor

    Class of 2014
    Jon Boss
    Lelia (Lee) Davis
    *Jerry Eichert
    Betty & Jim Heathcote
    Celeste & James Parsons
    *Joy Sargent
    Audrey Scott
    *Jack Seipel

    Class of 2015
    Norma “Billie” Barlow
    The Rev. Kathryn Clausen
    Carlos & Glenda deJesus
    *Ed & Luella Hunter
    Dorothy “Becky” Papp
    Janis Vosper
    Paul & Becky Young

    Class of 2016
    Rhoda & *Spencer Allen
    Bob Beiring
    Hazel Boettcher
    Carol Cisler
    Judy Cook
    The Rev. Abeoseh (Abby) Flemister
    Toni Olgeaty
    Ed Smith
    Ruth Vance
    *Hank Wendorf
    *Geraldine “Gerri” Zust

    Class of 2017
    Anita Beardsell
    Stuart Collins
    Betty Crichton
    *Mary Deisman
    Phyllis Donohue
    Sally Johnson
    Hayward & Telesa Learn
    Diane Roberts
    The Rev. Diana Shirley

    Class of 2018
    Charlie Evranian
    Howard and Nell Gregory
    Mary McKell
    Richard Naught
    Donna Nickerson
    Marybeth Peebles
    Sara Rich
    Janice “Gay” Roberts
    *Willa Tait
    *William and Linda Whittle

    Class of 2019
    Jerry and Eileen Becknell
    Judith Brainard
    Pat and *Sigred Coyle
    Jacqueline Engelbert
    John and Mary Link
    Marilyn Logan
    Lila Mason
    Ann Phillips
    *Mark Sackett
    The Rev. Mary Raysa
    Jimi James

    Class of 2020
    Cathy Bagot
    Lissa Barker
    Roy Barker
    Joanne Earley
    Ruth Hazel
    Randy Young

    Class of 2021
    Bradley Alexander
    Britton “Bink” Barlow
    Anice Ellis
    Clara Leigh
    Carolyn Mullen
    Don Mullen
    Judy Pfeiffer
    James Roberts
    Madeleine Trichel