Events for December 2022

SLAY Middle School retreat a weekend of fun

SLAY Middle School retreat a weekend of fun 750 563 Episcopalians in Connection

by Adam Hayden

The 2022 SLAY Middle School Retreat was a blast! Fifteen 6th-8th grade students came together for a weekend of learning, empowering, having fun, and oh yeah, EATING! The meals were incredible and the snacks in between were bountiful and delicious. Before, after, and during all the eating, students learned a little about church history, specifically around creeds and councils. They studied the Nicene Creed a bit and then created personal creeds as well as one collective creed. They did this in the context of being the “Bishop” of their community. Each “Bishop” attended the “Council of Procter” and presented their case on what the group should collectively believe. In between all that formation we played games, painted pumpkins, and much much more. It was a wonderful time and we can’t wait to do it again!

Remember – All middle school and high school students are invited to participate in a new pen pal initiative planned and facilitated by high school students in the diocese! Sign up at