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Respite Counselor, Procter Center

Job Summary 

Procter Summer Camp, a ministry of Procter Center in the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio, creates a place for children, youth, and families to grow in faith, sing, learn, play, and pray in the peaceful farmland of London, Ohio. We seek and serve Christ in all people with whom we interact at camp, aspiring to model joy, respect, and affirmation towards everyone, no exceptions.

About Our Program 

We offer weekend programs for youth identified through Madison County Job and Family Services. We share stories and learn together. Campers and staff members of all (or no) faith backgrounds are welcome. Our program runs 5pm Friday to 10 am Sunday once a month, weekends vary by month. We employ 2-3 staff to facilitate programing for around ten participants.

Position Purpose 

  • Counselors are the primary caregivers for campers and the participants are split by age depending on the month
  • Plan activities prior to the weekend for participants and provide materials list if need to supervisor the Monday before
  • Write up notes about each participant’s experience and behavior before leaving on Sunday

Essential Functions 

  • Create a safe and welcoming environment for the Procter community.
  • Enthusiastically participate in all program areas: cabin life, meals, outdoor activities, small and large group activities.
  • Work collaboratively with Program Director to plan and deliver a safe, inclusive, fun, and educational program.
  • Provide, with a co-counselor, continual supervision, ensure safety, and foster a family atmosphere for 7-10 participants.
  • Nurture and interact with all campers, remaining attentive to the needs of campers in your cabin as well as throughout the community.
  • Model healthy relationships, facilitate skill building, create joy for a memorable camp experience.

See the full job description here.

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