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Frequently searched topics

  • What are the deadlines for annual reporting?
    Parochial reports

    Parochial reports are due at the Diocesan Office by close of business March 1. Forms are mailed to the treasurers of congregations at their home address in December. If your treasurer has changed, please notify the finance office at 800.582.1712 or 513.421.0311. Questions regarding Parochial Reports may be directed to Susan Byrnside at 800.582.1712 or 513.421.0311, ext. 112.


    Audits are due at the Diocesan Office by the close of business September 1. Instructions are sent to the treasurers of congregations.

    Mission Share

    Mission Share is required to be paid monthly by the parishes to the Finance Department. The True-Up of a parish’s Mission Share must be paid by June 30. Questions should be directed to the Finance Department.

    Annual Reporting Form

    Congregations should fill out this form annually after their annual meeting, but no later than April 1. This list includes contact information, lay leadership, ministry leaders, facilities information, human resources and financial information and more.

    Find forms

    See policy

  • Who needs Anti-Racism Training?

    All persons in leadership positions in the diocese are required to participate in Ant-Racism Training. This includes clergy, church and diocesan staff, members of diocesan commissions and committees, and members of vestries. Training should be completed within six months of assuming leadership responsibilities.

    What is the training?

    Training consists of viewing a short video and attending a full-day workshop. BEFORE REGISTERING for the workshop, watch one of the videos available on the DSO Learning Portal in the Anti-Racism pre-training section.  You will be asked for feedback on the video you watch on your registration form.

    Does the certification expire?

    No.  Once you have taken the training, you are certified.  However, we urge you to become engaged to continue learning through our Becoming Beloved Community offerings.

    Learn more about Anti-Racism training

  • Where can I find the bishop’s visitation schedule?

    The bishop’s visitation schedule can be found on the Bishop’s page or by contacting his executive assistant, Kristi Reynolds, at or 513.421.0311 ext 103.

    How can we schedule a visitation from the bishop?

    We have 72 congregations in our diocese and only one bishop.  The bishop is canonically required to visit each congregation every three years.  That rotation is followed first. If you would like to make a request for a special service or anniversary, please contact Kristi Reynolds at or 513.421.0311 ext 103 at least one year in advance.

    Can I make an appointment with the bishop?

    The bishop’s schedule is extremely busy. Generally appointments with the bishop are reserved for clergy. If you are a lay member, it is recommended that you first contact our Canon to the Ordinary, John Johanssen at or by calling 513.421.0311. For clergy or assistance with contacting the Canon to the Ordinary, please contact Kristi Reynolds at or 513.421.0311 ext 103.

    When/where are the Area Confirmations scheduled?

    Area confirmations are scheduled annually in the four area of our diocese during Eastertide, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus and Eastern. We try to move the locations yearly to give everyone an opportunity to host and participate. If you are interested in hosting an area confirmation, please contact Kristi Reynolds at, 513-421-0311 ext 103.

    How do we schedule a celebration of New Ministry?

    A Celebration of New Ministry can be scheduled after a rector or priest in charge has been in their position for six months. To schedule a celebration of New Ministry, please contact Kristi Reynolds at or 513.421.0311 ext 103.

  • How do I report the lay delegates we elected?

    Convention delegates are reported to the diocese on the Annual Reporting Form. Only reported delegates will be certified and issued voting credentials.

    How do I change a delegate?

    If a previously reported delegate change is made prior to convention, fill out a Change of Delegate form.

    How do I register for convention?

    Registration for convention generally opens in mid-September and closes approximately 2 weeks before convention. Everyone who will attend convention needs to register for convention.

    Registering delegates to attend convention should not be confused with certifying your delegates. Certification simply applies to issuing voting credentials, but registration lets us know exactly who will be attending. No one is automatically registered for convention just because they are a delegate. Even the bishop has to register!

  • What types of insurance plans are available?

    The list of available health and dental plans with price comparison is available here.

    Who do I contact to initiate my retirement?

    Contact the Church Pension Fund directly. Their main number is 800.233.6602.

  • Who do I contact for questions on our facility maintenance or a project?

    Contact our Facilities Director Matt Hornsby at or 513.842.2060. (this is a shared position with the Cathedral)

    Are there any grants available for facility maintenance?

    The Church Foundation can provide grants for these purposes. Click here for information

  • Does the diocese offer financial assistance?

    The diocese offers several forms of financial assistance to congregations and individuals, in the form of grants, loans or scholarships.

    What types of scholarships are available?

    The Diocese of Southern Ohio offers scholarship assistance to women and minority students who qualify under certain guidelines.

    Learn more

  • How does someone enter the ordination process?

    After talking with the member of clergy in charge of your congregation, the next step is to contact the Bishop’s office and the Commission on Ministry.

    Learn more

  • Where can I find the diocesan Cycle of Prayer?

    The diocesan Cycle of Prayer is updated quarterly, and can be found here.

    Can I request prayers?

    Yes. To request prayers of the bishop and the bishop’s staff, fill out the form on this page.

  • Who needs Safe Church Training?

    All clergy and staff in the diocese, leaders of church activities on a regular basis, and anyone with a key to church buildings is required to complete Safe Church Training.  A more specific listing is contained in our diocesan guidelines here.

    What is the training?

    Safe Church Training is an online course, free of charge. Learn more here.

    In rare cases, in-person training can be arranged by contacting the diocesan office.

    Does the certification expire?

    Yes. A refresher course is required every 5 years.  Congregations are responsible for keeping track of dates for renewal and reminding parishioner and staff of the need to register for training. 

  • Submit items for publication to Connections or e-Connections to the communications office at

    e-Connections is a weekly diocesan e-newsletter. It features important diocesan news and deadlines as well as promotions for events throughout the diocese. It is sent out every Tuesday evening.


    The deadline for e-Connections is every Monday at noon. Submissions for e-Connections should be limited to short announcements. Items can be sent as text in an email, or an attached Word document. Photos should be sent as .jpeg files as separate attachments, not in the body of the document or email. Flyers should be sent as .jpeg or .pdf files. A short press release or announcement of the event should accompany all flyers. Make sure to include the address of the venue and contact information.


    Connections is a news magazine published by the diocese two times per year. Submissions for Connections must include a name, phone number and contact email for verification.

    We reserve the right to edit material submitted for publication. A full two-page spread article with art is approximately 1000 words, a single page is approximately 600 words. Pictures must be high-resolution .jpeg files (minimum 300 dpi) sent as separate attachments, not embedded in a document file.

    Features for Connections will be culled from submissions received before the scheduled deadline.

  • How can I find a supply priest?

    Several clergy throughout the Diocese of Southern Ohio have indicated their willingness to fill in for worship services on an occasional basis. See the list here

    How much should we pay a supply priest?

    Compensation guidelines for supply clergy can be found here.