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  • Sacred Unions: A New Guide to Lifelong Commitment.
    Thomas E. Breidenthal.  Cowley Publications, 2006.
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    Christian Households: The Sanctification of Nearness.
    Thomas Breidenthal.  Cowley Publications, 1997.
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  • Exodus from Privilege: Reflections on the Diaconate in Acts. 
    Thomas E. Breidenthal.  Anglican Theological Review 95.2 (2013): 275.
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    Following Jesus Outside: Reflections on the Open Table.
    Thomas E. Breidenthal.   Anglican Theological Review 94.2 (2012): 257.

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    Orientation and Choice.
    Thomas E. Breidenthal.  Anglican Theological Review 90.3 (2008): 557.
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    Thomas E. Breidenthal.   English Encyclopedia of Christian Theology, edited by Jean-Yves Lacoste, 1680-1681. Londres: Routledge, 2005.

    Sharper than a Two-Edged Sword: Following the Logic of the Text in Preaching.
    Thomas E. Breidenthal.  ed. Michel Root and James Buckley (Eeerdmans).  2008.
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    Formation for Mission
    Thomas E. Breidenthal.  Anglican Theological Review, 96:1. 2014.
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    Sanctifying Nearness.
    Thomas E. Breidenthal.  Theology and Sexuality: Classic and Contemporary Readings (2002): 343-55.

    Neighbor-Christology: Reconstructing Christianity before Supersessionism.
    Thomas E. Breidenthal.  Cross Currents 49.3 (1999): 319-348.

    Jesus is My Neighbor: Arendt, Augustine, and the Politics of Incarnation.
    Thomas E. Breidenthal.  Modern Theology 14.4 (1998): 489-503.
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  • A message from the bishop: Gun violence in the aftermath of mass shooting in Dayton

    I communicated with you briefly after the Dayton shootings. I would like to reflect a little more now. We are in a highly charged time, in which our first obligation as followers of Christ is to maintain community across division. Many of the congregations in Southern Ohio are a hard-won weekly gathering of people who disagree deeply on political issues. This is a precious spiritual achievement

    A message from the bishop: Forced Separation of Families

    My brothers and sisters in Christ,I don’t speak out on social issues often. There are many voices, and my voice is unlikely to add much to the mix. But once in a while an event or a policy strikes me as demanding a response from all of us, because it raises a new red flag. The separation of children from their immigrant parents at our southern border raises such a flag for me.

    A message from the bishop: Direction Statement from Convocation

    Dear sisters and brothers,
    It was my hope that a sense of the future direction of the diocese would emerge from September’s Exodus Convocation. A task force headed by Katrina Mundy of St. Andrew’s,