Adam began working with kids when he was just a kid himself. During high school he volunteered to be a youth mentor and never looked back. He brings 20+ years’ experience working with young people. He has created a number of unique experiences for children including a ‘roadtrip’ style college tour for teens, a Hip-Hop afterschool program for young children, and a five-day social justice emersion that takes teens to the Southern United States to learn about injustice and how faith traditions respond to injustice in the word. Adam also works in the interfaith space with Kids4Peace Cincinnati where he helps cultivate community across religious lines.

He lives in one of Cincinnati’s most diverse neighborhoods, College Hill, with his partner in life, Larita, their two kids, Oliver and Zoe, and two pet rats, Coconut and Creme. When not with family or trying to empower young people, Adam loves to travel, play basketball, and write about Hip-Hop music.