Events for December 2022

PIMIL renews rice campaign for Liberia

PIMIL renews rice campaign for Liberia 750 500 Episcopalians in Connection

Rice is a staple in the Liberian diet. You may recall that during the years of the Ebola virus epidemic in Liberia (2014-2016), Partners-in-Ministry-in-Liberia, or PIMIL, launched a rice campaign because they had received word that people were dying not only from the virus, but from hunger. The campaign was very successful and PIMIL received many letters of gratitude for the relief.

Now with COVID-19 ravaging the country, PIMIL is renewing its call for a rice campaign for Liberia, as many have lost their jobs and are hungry due to the pandemic. A parent wrote to the PIMIL Council on August 10, “The coronavirus…has become very terrible in the world especially in Liberia for us the common people. There is no free movement, no food, no money and hunger is very high now. We hope and pray the Almighty God that this virus will end one day.

A bag of rice costs $30 US. PIMIL’s goal is to send 30 bags of rice, totaling $900, before the end of September. If you can donate toward this urgent need, it will be highly appreciated. You may send your donation one of two ways:

1. By Mail – send check to:

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church
30 E., College Avenue
Westerville, OH 43081
In the Memo field write: PIMIL Rice

2. Through St. Matthew’s Episcopal PayPal Account:

  • Go to St. Matt’s web site –
  • Go to top right and select “Donate”
  • Select “Donate with PayPal” or “Donate with Debit or Credit Card”
  • Enter amount
  • Select “General Offering (non-pledge)”
  • Select “Write a note” and Enter “PIMIL”
  • Fill in payment information
  • Select “Donate Now” 

Thank you.  You will receive a receipt of your donation.

The Rev. Abeoseh “Abby” Flemister is a retired priest and the director of PIMIL USA. You can learn more about the ministry of PIMIL at