Parochial Reports

The Parochial Report is the oldest, continuous gathering of data by The Episcopal Church. Overseen by the Executive Officer of General Convention, the Parochial Report touches every congregation of the church. Together with other data, including that of the Recorder of Ordinations and the Registrar of General Convention, the Parochial Report provides an insight to the state of the church.

Parochial reports are a critical tool in spotting trends in church growth and giving. The reports also play an important role in developing the diocesan budget and helping staff and commissions to be good stewards of diocesan funds.

Parochial Reports are due each year by March 1. By canon, failure to file the reports by the deadline results in that congregation’s lay delegation losing its vote at convention.

File your Parochial Report using the link below. Links to workbooks and instructions for filing Parochial Reports can also be found below.

File a Parochial Report

Download a Fillable Parochial Report Form

2021 Parochial Report Workbook and Instructions

2020 Parochial Report Workbook and Instructions (webpage)

Bridge from Financials to Parochial Report template

A Walkthrough Screencast for Congregations

View the Jan. 14, 2021 webinar on completing 2020 Parochial Reports

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See Q&A from Jan. 14 webinar

See data from 2020 Parochial Reports

If you have questions about your Parochial Report, contact Susan Byrnside at 800.582.1712 ext. 112  or the Rev. Canon David Getreu at 740.334.9775.

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