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Our Saviour, Mechanicsburg, Serves Through the Seasons

Our Saviour, Mechanicsburg, Serves Through the Seasons 350 243 Episcopalians in Connection

The Northern Miami Valley Episcopal Cluster Chronicle provides a glimpse into an outreach feeding ministry:

Our Saviour Provides Food and Warmth
from the November 2020 Cluster Chronicle

Fifty guests satisfied their appetites with a hearty supper of homecooked beans and ham, cornbread, fruit and cookies at Our Saviour’s October Community Meal. A tip of the chef’s hat to Sarah Bradford. She prepared a big roaster of navy beans and ham that simmered fragrantly all afternoon. Rev. Charles was holding office hours at the church that day and kindly gave the beans a look and a stir.  In addition to Sarah, the servers included Todd Boeck, Amy Boeck, Jay Keely, Greg Kimball, and Dusty Hurst.

The Mechanicsburg community is invited to browse Our Saviour’s boutique of free, gently used, winter outerwear during Community Meal hours or by appointment. Amy Boeck reported that while the October supper was being served, three coats, two hats and a pair of scarves found new owners. The collection of gently used coats, jackets, hats, snowsuits, gloves and scarves includes adult and children’s sizes.

Yada Yada Continues Its Mission
from the October 2020 Cluster Chronicle

“We worked hard, but it was another night that we felt glad to be together,” observed Community Meal coordinator Amy Boeck after Our Saviour’s September supper. She praised the help of Carole May, Wilma Hartley and Cindy Melvin from the Yada Yada Bible Study group of the Mechanicsburg Christian Fellowship. Yada Yada is from the Hebrew and means, “sharing love, showing mercy, acting justly, understanding the needs of those around us and taking care of them.” Assisting with Community Meals is just one of the ways their mission is served. They provided valuable help at Our Saviour, cooking the breaded chicken breasts, centerpiece of the delectable menu, and boxing meals. The chicken was served with mashed potatoes and chicken gravy, mixed vegetables, fruit, Kay Keller’s home-baked chocolate brownies and cookies, chicken and cookies gifted by Bill Miller of the Oasis Food Pantry. Bill and former Mechanicsburg mayor Greg Kimball, realtor Dusty Hurst, and Todd Boeck, Emily Rozmus and Amy from Our Saviour were also on duty from early afternoon until the last chicken dinner was claimed.About 20 of the 70 meals distributed were delivered. Todd, Greg, Dusty and Amy took food to Village residents who had called ahead for home delivery, as the program requires. As Amy confided, being together, doing God’s work, overpowered weariness and, for the moment, the anxiety about Covid 19 that has seeped into every aspect of our lives. However, we know that where two or three are gathered in His name, His presence enfolds and upholds those two or three—and those nine or ten, gathered at Our Saviour, feeding the hungry in Mechanicsburg.

Our Saviour Feeds 75 on an August Evening
from the September 2020 Cluster Chronicle

Local families are grateful for the continuing free monthly meals offered by Our Saviour. In August, 75 suppers provided a bit of relief for area folks struggling with the strain of unemployment, the ever-present risk of Coronavirus, the unknowns of the workplace and the return of children to day care, schools and universities. The ready-to-eat meal of hamburgers accompanied by macaroni and cheese, broccoli, fruit and cookies was so welcome on a humid August evening, a brief respite of responsibility and an opportunity to make contact with those who understand their situation and are doing what they can to help.

Todd and Amy Boeck are at the forefront of the Community Meal program at Our Saviour with tireless team members Emily Rozmus, Sarah Bradford, Dusty Hurst, Greg Kimball and others collaborating to prepare and distribute boxed meals the fourth Wednesday of each month. We can never be grateful enough for these faithful hands and hearts and for the generosity of Kay and Bill Miller who share meat and other comestibles from the Oasis Food Pantry in Mechanicsburg. In practical terms, the hope regularly dispersed with these modest meals can never be measured. But, as the words of Jesus traveled far beyond those within his hearing, this loving gesture will influence the health and well-being of many who sorely need physical, emotional and spiritual encouragement.

Our Saviour Continues Carryout Community Meals
from August Cluster Chronicle

Bill Miller’s homemade chicken and noodles with a side of mashed potatoes headed the home-style menu for Our Saviour’s July Community Meal. Supper also included green beans, fruit and cookies, served by the faithful Emily Rozmus, Dusty Hurst, Sarah Bradford and from the Boeck family, Amy, Sophie and Todd. All were correctly attired for the monthly Pandemic meal mask-erade. Amy reports that 67 diners, regulars and some new guests, came by to pick up the boxed meals and express their gratitude. While some businesses have reopened, many people are still unemployed, and this gift of a delicious, nutritious supper is so welcome to struggling families. Kay and Bill Miller, associates with the Oasis of Mercy Food Pantry in Mechanicsburg, provided some of the food from pantry supplies and the rest was secured with Our Saviour outreach funds.

With no end in sight and Covid19 cases increasing in Champaign County, Our Saviour maintains the safety of the Community Meal program by observing every possible precaution, including face coverings, social distancing and cleanliness of personnel and food preparation facilities. Community Meal participants urge everyone to embrace these simple practices and help contain the spread of the virus, reduce illness and loss of life. We can, with God’s help.

Sally Johnson, Cluster Chronicle editor
Thank you to Amy Boeck, administrative assistant, Northern Miami Valley Episcopal Cluster, for permission to repost material from the Cluster Chronicle.

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