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New resource for accounting services for churches

New resource for accounting services for churches 1275 1650 Episcopalians in Connection

We know that many congregations face challenges concerning accounting and finance. Finding staff and volunteers who are knowledgeable in church/nonprofit accounting is not easy. The diocesan finance office is excited to announce that we are partnering with Chazin & Company, a firm that provides outsourced accounting services exclusively to nonprofits. This firm has helped many other Episcopal churches and is a resource your parish might want to consider.

Whether you need a full accounting and finance department, or a helping hand to support your current staff, the right expertise is available with Chazin & Company at a fraction of the staffing cost. They can provide your parish with access to powerful and scalable accounting software and applications that automate monthly accounting functions. This automation can save money and improve efficiency, enabling you to focus on your ministry and mission and feel secure that your accounting and finance are accurate and of high integrity.

Chazin & Company understands that properly tracking and reporting gifts for pledgers and donors ensures financial transparency and helps earn the trust of donors. By partnering with a firm like Chazin & Company you can establish proper oversight with the expert help of a team that understands the complex committee and ministry reporting requirements that most Episcopal churches have.

You can learn more about the various services Chazin & Company provides here. They have solutions that are affordable for both smaller and larger parishes. We encourage you to review the list of services, as well as their website, to learn more. Please consider setting up a time with Karen Sprague at Chazin & Company for a complimentary meeting to learn how they can assist your congregation.