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New Creation Care Vestry Devotionals available

New Creation Care Vestry Devotionals available 1555 1037 Episcopalians in Connection

“Good News to All Creation,” a set of devotionals designed to help vestries begin their meetings with a brief time of reflection and prayer, is now available for download. Developed by the Diocese of Southern Ohio’s Creation Care and Environmental Task Force and the Faith-in-Life Committee in partnership with the Center for Deep Green Faith, the devotionals begin in September with the Season of Creation, and follow the liturgical seasons from Advent through Easter.

“I hope that vestries can take their work and look at it through a lens of caring for God’s creation and how the decisions they make impact creation and care for it,” the Rev. Craig Foster, co-chair of the Task Force and deacon at St. Alban’s, Bexley, says.

Jerry Cappel, a priest in the Diocese of Kentucky, staff member of the Center for Deep Green Faith, and environmental coordinator for Province IV helped develop the resource. “Each month refers to a current text from the liturgical season and asks vestry members ‘what is your work in connection to this text,’ and ‘what does this say about your role as creation caretakers?’” he says.

“Overall, the project’s goal is to help people see that care of creation is part of our DNA as Christians,” Foster says. “We find it in the Bible, we find it everywhere you look. This is already who we are as Christians, and it’s nothing new. This is about learning about who we already are.”

Questions and feedback about the new resource are welcome, and may be sent to the Task Force at

Download the devotionals.