Minority Empowerment Initiative Trust Scholarship Application

Scholarship Recipient Information and Guidelines

Black high school graduates living in the Diocese of Southern Ohio, who have been admitted as a full-time student to an accredited school or program of advanced learning are eligible to apply for a grant. Priority is given to those students with the greatest economic need, as judged by the MEIT Board.

PELL Grants

These federal funds are available to all eligible students who are pursuing higher education. All MEIT grant applicants must provide a copy of an approval or rejection letter for a PELL Grant. If an applicant is not eligible for a PELL Grant, information verifying the current family income must accompany this application, i.e., current tax and payroll statements.

Grant Awards

MEIT grants are designed to leverage the applicant’s available school resources and ensure the student’s ability to attend school. Before consideration can be given to a grant request, applicants are required to show that the majority of the funds needed for school are available. If there is a significant difference between what is available to the student and what is needed, the application is likely to be rejected.


1. Applicants must provide written evidence, as requested, to confirm compliance with the above statements. Subsequent yearly grants are not automatically given. A new application must be filed each year.

2. Application must be legibly written and completed. Any omissions must be explained in writing. Unexplained omissions will result in rejection of the application.

3. All figures must be legibly recorded, added and/or subtracted correctly. Mathematical errors will result in rejection of the application.

4. All required documentation must be attached:

A. A signed copy of a current income tax return.
B. A written statement from the academic institution verifying all school costs listed in this application.
C. A copy of your PELL Grant award or rejection letter, if applicable.

5. The information should be believable. For example, an application showing expenses that far exceed the income shown raises suspicion about the authenticity of the information provided. If the above situation occurs, the application will be rejected.

6. All grant monies are paid directly to the school by academic quarter or semester, upon receipt of a billing statement from the school.

7. If there are unusual extenuating circumstances that you wish to share regarding this application, please attach an additional page.

8. Limited staff will not allow for continuous debate about any aspect of the application. Applicants are strongly encouraged to ask questions before submitting the application. All decisions by the MEIT Board are final.

Timeline for submitting applications: From May 1 until funds are exhausted.

For questions regarding the MEIT application or status, contact
The Rev. Dr. Benjamin Speare-Hardy II