Lawrence Home Association Academic Grant for Minority Women

The Lawrence Home Association was founded in 1896 under the will of Eleanor Earnshaw. The purpose was to “provide a Christian home for self-supporting, young women on limited means, the most important aim being to help them elevate their standard of life.” The funds were to be supervised by the Bishop of Southern Ohio and a board of directors. With additional funding from William A. Procter, the trustees have determined that the distribution of the entire incomes will be in support of “the temporal, moral and religious welfare of young women who are dependent upon their own exertions.” The purpose of the scholarship program is to provide some assistance to minority women who are affiliated with an Episcopal church in the Diocese of Southern Ohio and seek to further their education.

Please read and complete all sections of the application below, or download a paper copy at right. Before you begin, be aware that you will be required to attach the following documents

  • Letter of recommendation from the rector of your church
  • Copy of class schedule or letter of acceptance
  • Letter from institution outlining total cost anticipated
  • A biographical statement (up to 500 words)
Download a fillable application (Word doc)
Download an application to print and fill out by hand