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  • The Diocese of Southern Ohio is seeking a Church Planter and Diocesan Missioner for Latino Ministry. La Iglesia Episcopal del Espíritu Santo is an Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Southern Ohio that embraces immigrant communities in Forest Park and the surrounding areas. We are Latino, American, immigrants, English-speaking, Spanish-speaking and bi-lingual.  We are a community of disciples who support one another in the faith and reach out to those outside of our doors. We value social justice and the hard work of reconciliation, as well as laughter, and breaking bread together. We offer education, advocacy, and community to our neighbors, and we work not only to respond to their physical needs, but also to their spiritual longings.

    The Missioner duties will include:

    1.) Serving as Church Planter/Mission Developer for La Iglesia Episcopal del Espíritu Santo:

      • Recruit, empower and train Core Team of Leaders to continue the outreach and service programs currently offered by El Centro del Minister Latino.
      • Deepen existing relationships and build new relationships with community members and potential partners in the community.
      • Cultivate and develop a Core Team of Missioners who are called to be disciples of Jesus and to follow him out into the neighborhood to listen for the deep spiritual hunger of our neighbors.

    2.) Serving as Diocesan Missioner for Latino Ministries

      • Be a resource for other congregations, diocesan groups, or leaders interested in pursuing Latino ministry in their own communities.
      • Redevelop a diocesan Latino Ministry Commission.
      • Remain up to date on current best practices in Latino Ministry around the Episcopal Church by participating in conferences, continuing education, in-person experience etc.

    Interested applicants should apply using the form below. Should you have any questions, please contact the Rev. Canon Jane Gerdsen, Missioner for Fresh Expressions, at jgerdsen@diosohio.org.

  • For 95 years, St Paul’s, Dayton has stood on top of the hill overlooking Dayton, Ohio, connecting the city to its southern suburbs. It has been a mainstay to the community as a place of worship throughout the entrepreneurial history of the region. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is a community that worships God through Jesus Christ, loves and serves others in Christ’s name, and welcomes all who seek the Holy. We seek a spiritual leader who shares our commitment to spirituality and its expression in the pulpit, our reverence for the liturgy and tradition of the Episcopal way as well as our parish traditions, and our desire to develop our faith and understanding through education, outreach and pastoral care.

    What is St. Paul’s, Dayton looking for in a Priest-in-Charge?

    • Commitment to Spirituality. St. Paul’s seeks clergy in whom Christianity is a personal and living thing, someone clearly and passionately on a journey with Christ; who has an active disciplined prayer life; and can help others find a deeper relationship with God.
    • Reverence for Liturgy and Tradition. Clergy will sensitively and collaboratively bring appropriate liturgical innovation while recognizing St. Paul’s traditional approach to forms and music. He or she will recognize that music is an integral part of our worship life.
    • Opportunity for Growth. Clergy should encourage and challenge us to commit our lives and time to the mission of the Church, including service to others. He or she will grow with us on through life and lead us into a future we can only dimly see but are working diligently to plan for.
    • Christian Formation. Clergy should provide energetic leadership in the development of Christian Formation programs for all ages. We believe strongly in the importance of education, in particular the education of our children, and we welcome opportunities for discourse and creative avenues for all to learn.
    • Preaching. Clergy will preach with clarity, energy and strength, centering on Jesus Christ and the Holy Scripture, as it relates to our lives.
    • Pastoral Care. Clergy should be committed to provide counseling and comfort to those in need due to crisis or transition, as well as visiting the sick and elderly members of the parish. He or she will help us develop, appreciate and support our caring ministries.
    • Management Skills. Clergy should be able to coordinate and manage the many functions of a complex congregation, provide an administrative structure that is responsive to and in support of the needs of the parish, exercise executive skills in administering the staff, and respect and work collaboratively with lay leaders. He or she should be able to understand and oversee the finances of the parish and be a good steward of our historic church and property, including the ability to guide fundraising.
    • Leadership Skills. Clergy should have energy to effectively inspire, lead and empower the many programs of St. Paul’s, guiding lay leaders to achieve their goals. He or she should also model a style that encourages respectful and responsive collaboration with others. He or she should be willing to embark in servant leadership, unafraid to roll up his or her sleeves to serve alongside members of the parish.

    This will be a full-time Priest-in-Charge position with benefits. Salary will be based on experience. Interested applicants should apply using the form below.


  • The Northern Miami Valley Episcopal Cluster in Champaign County, Ohio seeks a half- to three-quarter time priest-in-charge for two active yet historical congregations. Our churches have worked together for two decades. Each congregation retains its individuality while sharing a priest, finances and similar outreach missions. Each congregation focuses on working with and giving back to our local communities to meet current needs. Situated between Columbus and Dayton, with Cincinnati just a bit farther south, our communities consist of rural backgrounds with quaint villages that offer excellent schools, restaurants and numerous nearby opportunities for social and cultural development.

    The Cluster seeks a collaborative leader who can not only guide our members through worship and spiritual growth, offering a thoughtful leadership, but who can also be an important and active part of our communities. Our priest should attend both congregational and Cluster functions as well as engage with other clergy in the county. We desire a priest who aims to listen as well as teach and who is excited to help us grow our presence in our communities, and welcome potential new members.

    The Cluster offers two services each Sunday morning as well as occasional joint services. We have an average total Sunday attendance of about 45 and operate on a joint budget. Please find further information at www.nmvec.org.

To apply

  • All questions regarding transition ministry should be directed to the Rev. Canon Jason Leo, Canon for Transitions and Congregational Vitality, at jleo@diosohio.org, or Sherri Martin, Assistant Transitions Officer, at smartin@diosohio.org.

  • Clergy Application Form

    Thank you for your interest in discerning a call to ministry in the Diocese of Southern Ohio. Be advised that the information provided here will be forwarded to the parish Search Committee for review. Your application here is a matter of absolute confidentiality; we ask this of our search committees and need to expect it of all clergy who make application for a position in the diocese as well. This includes careful use of social media and relationships with people of any degree of separation. News travels in this beloved Church of ours, and breaks in confidentiality can derail a search process in which many have put a great deal of time effort already. It also includes maintaining confidentiality of your interest or involvement in discernment with a congregation even if you have withdrawn your name from consideration or the Search Committee has decided to discontinue further discernment with you. If you have questions, please contact the Rev. Canon Jason Leo, Canon for Transitions in the diocese at jleo@diosohio.org or Sherri Martin, Assistant Transition Officer at smartin@diosohio.org.
    • Be specific. If you are interested in multiple positions, please fill out a separate form for each.
    • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    • Application materials

      Upload PDF documents only. In addition to your cover letter, resume and OTM profile, feel free to attach or add links to sermons, written work or a personal webpage if desired.
    • In a letter addressed to the Search Committee (not the DTM), please articulate what interests you about the position, how you think your gifts and skills apply to the mission and ministry there, and anything else you would like the Search Committee to know about you.
      Accepted file types: pdf.
    • Please ensure that all OTM narrative questions have been answered before uploading.
      Accepted file types: pdf.
    • Accepted file types: pdf.
    • PDF files only, please.
      Drop files here or
      Accepted file types: pdf.

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