Events for February 2023

Explorers’ events for those discerning ordained ministry

Explorers’ events for those discerning ordained ministry 827 611 Episcopalians in Connection

Are you discerning a call to ordained ministry? Do you want to explore further that pull you feel to be a deacon or priest? If so, keep reading.

In the past, the first engagement for an “Explorer” with the diocese has been the Explorers’ Retreat in late January. Last year, the Commission on Ministry divided the Explorers’ Retreat into two parts: (1) an Information Session in December and (2) the actual Retreat in January. Because of the pandemic, both were conducted by Zoom. The addition of a separate Information Session worked well, so the CoM has decided to use that approach again this year (still by Zoom) although the actual Explorers’ Retreat will be conducted in person at Procter in late January.

The Information Session will be held Saturday, December 11, from 10 a.m. to noon, by Zoom. The Explorers’ Retreat will be January 28 and 29 at Procter Camp and Conference Center. For someone wanting to begin the formal process of exploring a call to ordained ministry in the diocese, they are required to attend both the Information Session and Explorers’ Retreat.

The Zoom meeting on December 11 will cover the practical information you need to know about the process we use in the Diocese of Southern Ohio. It will also tell you what you need to prepare and submit for the Explorers’ Retreat in January.  Because of the informational nature of this session, there are no prerequisites to participate, but please register in advance so we can send you the Zoom link and associated information. The Explorer’s priest and spouse might find this Information Session helpful and so are also encouraged to register and attend.

Note that the December 11 session is a prerequisite for the January Explorers’ Retreat. If an Explorer is unable to attend the December 11 session but wants to engage the process this year, please contact Sherri Martin or Spencer Pugh to discuss alternative arrangements.

The Jan 28-29 Explorers’ Retreat will run from 5 p.m. Friday, Jan. 28, until about 4 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 29, and include an overnight stay at Procter. This session is limited to Explorers who have submitted an application to attend, including a Faith Story and their priest’s endorsement. (To be clear, neither the Explorer’s priest nor spouse attend the Explorers’ Retreat.)

Registrations for both sessions can be found in our online event calendar. There is no charge for the Information Session. There is a $100 fee for the Explorer’s Retreat. If you have questions or need more information, contact Sherri Martin, Diocesan Transitions Officer, at or Spencer Pugh, Chair of the Commission on Ministry, at