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Every voice in the diocese is important!

Every voice in the diocese is important! 300 300 Episcopalians in Connection

It is obvious that we are in a time of much change – but with change comes new possibilities, new directions, new ideas. Our own individual spiritual worlds have evolved since the start of the pandemic. Each of us has had to become more spiritually self-reliant, to look for sustaining ways within ourselves, to deepen our personal relationships with God and Christ. We are stronger for it and stronger again when we come back into community with others.

In Southern Ohio we have an added opportunity – the choosing of a new bishop to lead us forward into the new spirituality.

As we consider these important opportunities, I encourage each of us to consider an examination of  what can I personally bring to the banquet, what input and ideas can I share, what are my hopes, and dreams and visions for what is to come? Our individual voices are important and deserve to be heard.

One way to achieve this important realization is to consider running for election to Diocesan Council. Council will play an increasingly important role in the direction and governance of our spiritual lives in the coming years. You may find a brief description of Council at most meetings have been held at Procter Center, but Council is desiring to hold meetings at different locations throughout the diocese and we have used  Zoom – and it works.

I especially encourage parishioners from the largely rural areas of the diocese and also from the Appalachian regions bordering the Ohio River. These vibrant and valued constituencies are under-represented on Council and your input and wisdom is necessary if Council is to really represent the diocese. I also encourage young persons to consider this opportunity – your new and creative thinking is so valuable and often in short supply.

Please visit the site noted above, give prayerful and careful consideration to this letter and hopefully decide to run for a spot on the Council. At the Convention in November we will elect two clergy and three lay representatives for full terms and a lay position to fill a vacant one-year slot.  You will find the nomination form here: Nominations are requested to be submitted by September 29, 2021 and must be received no later than October 29, 2021.

I sincerely encourage you to help guide your spiritual future. Thank you.

Peace and Blessings,

David Thomson
1st VP Diocesan Council