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Electronic monthly Mission Share payments now available

Electronic monthly Mission Share payments now available 640 453 Episcopalians in Connection

For the past year, the diocesan Finance Office has been working on implementing an electronic pay option for our churches to remit their monthly mission share. We are rolling it out this month.

Congregations may begin to submit their mission share payment through an online portal with our financial accounting software company, Shelby. The DSO is making this change in response to parish requests for online payment option and because we believe the electronic system is more efficient and will reduce staff time to record the payments.

As part of set up and testing, several parishes have already used the electronic system. Each week, 5-10 new parishes will receive a welcome email with information to log in and access the Mission Share payment portal. This process will continue until every parish has been registered for the electronic payment option.

As we learned during the pandemic, the postal service can be slow and unreliable. Also, most people are familiar with using electronic payments, especially for utility or credit card bills, and the Shelby online pay is very similar. However, Shelby’s system does not yet allow for recurring transactions; therefore, congregations will need to log in every month, enter the payment amount and banking information –none of the banking information is stored in the system. The congregation will need to initiate the entire transaction. The diocese cannot pull the money from the parish account.

Directions for using the Shelby online portal can be downloaded here. If you have any trouble with the log-in process using your temporary information, try switching your browser to Google Chrome. If you have any other questions about the process, please call the Rev. David Getreu, Associate for Financial Management and Oversight of the diocese at 740.334.9775 or