Digital Missioner

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Digital Missioner, St. John’s, Columbus

The Digital Missioner at St. John’s will be a communicator with a heart for sharing the vision of St. John’s as it attempts to be hands and feet of the Lord on this earth. This person will spearhead the development of our digital ministry beyond the foundation that has been laid during the pandemic and is being nurtured with technology paid for by the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio. This position will be part of a team of people including the priest-in-charge, the senior warden, the junior warden, the deacon, and the church administrator. The Digital Missioner will help us make our live streamed services more engaging for online worshippers and increase our total number of in-person or online worshippers by 100% over the course of two years. This person would also assist in producing and posting social media posts and publishing our newsletter which usually is quarterly.

Job duties: 

  • Times of work will be 3 hours every Sunday, beginning at 9:00 am.
  • Run recording and broadcast on Sunday mornings
  • Edit and post recordings of Sunday mornings
  • Meet regularly with the priest-in-charge to whom the Digital Missioner would report
  • If time allows, the Digital Missioner will also:
    • Write and post social media
    • Researching relevant tools in social media, livestreaming and audio/video post-production
    • Keep an up-to-date customary for technology volunteers
    • Take the lead in training volunteers in new programs and technology in order to cover during times away
    • Assist in other technology-related tasks as needed and as time permits

Minimum requirements: 

  • Demonstrated familiarity with current hardware and software and streaming technology.
  • Working knowledge of the Episcopal Church. (membership not required.)
  • Demonstrated creativity and curiosity and ability to think outside the box.
  • Ability to share faith comfortably.

Compensation and benefits: 

  • $250 per month

To apply, contact the Rev. Christopher Richardson, Priest in Charge, at