Events for February 2023

Dedications at Procter Center

Dedications at Procter Center 547 640 Episcopalians in Connection

Winter Family Campers and other guests joined in the dedications of the new Bishop Price Pavilion and Lake Leo at the Procter Center on December 29.

Bishop Ken Price and the Rev. Jason Leo have been supporters of Camp and Youth ministry at the Procter Center for 30 years. It is fitting tribute to each of them for their love, dedication and support of both the staff and the campers at Procter.

Bishop Price has been involved in camping ministry most of his life. He spent many years at Peterkin in the Diocese of West Virginia and Calvary Camp in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. He also serves on the Episcopal Camp and Conference Centers Advocacy Council. This summer Bishop Price was a champion for the new Camp Farm program which connected Procter Summer Campers with the farm where they planted, harvested and cared for the pigs and chickens. It was a huge success and he was instrumental in supporting this new approach to summer camp programming.

Jason Leo worked for Bishop Price in the Columbus Office for many years. When Bishop Price asked Jason to start family camps at Procter, Jason said, “What is family camp?” It is now the fastest growing segment of our camp offerings and many other Episcopal camps began offering Family Camp after this program was created at Procter.

Jason was the Camp Director here and worked at many other Episcopal camps during his career. He also had good ideas and pushed us to do more and give campers a great experience at Procter. Jason loves to fish and has been an advocate for the lake at Procter so that it continues to be great place to fish, swim, canoe, kayak as well as a healthy eco-system for all the wildlife that call Lake Leo their home.

Thanks to the Procter Board of Directors for supporting and helping to plan the dedications. Also thanks goes to the Rev. Paul Bennett for connecting us with Scripture, Kate Howton for playing the guitar and the kitchen staff for a great lunch. And all the glory goes to God for bringing these people to Procter and to us. They have both supported and sustained all of us at Procter. It was a wonderful celebration honoring two champions of Procter and Summer Camping.

Amy Boyd serves at Executive Director of the Procter Center.