Events for December 2022

A Concert for the Human Family

A Concert for the Human Family 750 422 Episcopalians in Connection

Recording artist Kory Caudill, at piano, left, led a band of talented multi-genre musicians for A Concert for the Human Family, held September 26.

The Concert for the Human Family was born more than two years ago when a team of musicians, artists, creatives, and Episcopal Church leaders gathered to dream about what movement could begin, what conversation could be started or amplified, if our churches and cathedral spaces once again rang out with the promise and hope and power of Good News?


The inaugural concert scheduled in May 2021 at the Episcopal Cathedral in Philadelphia was forced to be presented virtually due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But at the invitation of the Rev. Canon Jane Gerdsen, the Concert for the Human Family was finally able to hold its first in-person concert at Christ Church Cathedral in Cincinnati on September 26.

The principal artists, Nashville recording artist Kory Caudill and Baltimore rapper, Wordsmith, with a band of talented, multi-genre musicians, teamed with local artists Nia McKenney and the Muse Women’s Chorus to create a powerful, beautiful musical experience intended to serve as an invitation for deeper and more long-standing conversations around racial reconciliation for all who listened.

Nia McKenney

The full video from the live stream of the Concert for the Human Family can be viewed on our video page (look under Events), or below.

A Concert for the Human Family

concert begins at 13:22.