Events for February 2023

A Concert for the Human Family comes to the Diocese of Southern Ohio

A Concert for the Human Family comes to the Diocese of Southern Ohio 2560 1609 Episcopalians in Connection

A Concert for the Human Family, an artistic collaboration led by The Episcopal Church and Presiding Bishop Michael Curry that explores the “intersection between art, justice, and faith,” will present its first live event of the concert series at Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati, on Sunday, September 26 at 5:30 p.m.

The inaugural Concert for the Human Family was digitally broadcast from Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral on May 22, 2021.

Organizers of the event share; ‘”We’ve been dreaming around the question, “What could happen, what movement could begin, what conversation could be started or amplified, if our churches and cathedral spaces once again rang out with the promise and hope and power of Good News?’ A team of musicians, artists, creatives, and church leaders gathered to begin dreaming about what such an initiative might look like. Working alongside The Episcopal Church’s Becoming Beloved Community program, which focuses on the work of racial reconciliation within and beyond the Church, we began to shape a musical journey intended to stir listeners, share sacred stories of human experience from many perspectives, and start powerful conversations around the reconciliation work that’s so needed within the communities our churches and cathedrals call home.”

To bring this dream to life, The Episcopal Church has partnered with Kory Caudill, a Nashville recording artist, pianist, and composer. For much of the past year, Kory and his team of talented musicians, engineers, and producers have worked to create an album of original music to guide audiences in an exploration of the human experience. The concerts, designed to highlight a variety of musical and cultural traditions, stories, and reconciliation work, will serve as a centerpiece for deeper and more long-standing conversations around racial reconciliation “on the ground” in host communities.

Each concert is designed to expand and mold to the concert venue – making the venue itself a part of the story being told. In a literal sense, the Church becomes a vital piece of the work of reconciliation, giving voice to and creating space for all people who walk through the doors – and those who have not yet been welcomed in. While Kory and his team have crafted a powerful musical experience – the concert’s strong foundation – each movement is designed to be complete only when all voices are heard. The concerts become an invitation to more than a performance. Those in the audience are immersed in the cultures and creativity and talents of their own community – with the hope that while introductions are made through an evening of incredible performance, the real conversations continue long after the echoes of instruments have faded from the hall.

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