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Community advocates secure Episcopal Church grant to help students connect with school

Community advocates secure Episcopal Church grant to help students connect with school 360 270 Episcopalians in Connection

Community advocates from St. Barnabas, Montgomery, have obtained a $5,000 grant Becoming Beloved Community Grant from The Episcopal Church to make it possible for students in Cincinnati’s West End to electronically connect with schools for remote learning during the coronavirus pandemic.

Many households in the low-income neighborhood do not have the ability to electronically connect with the school district, denying them the chance for remote learning at a time when the coronavirus pandemic is keeping many children out of classrooms.

St. Barnabas parishioners Margaret Nelsen and Betsy May at Findlay Street.

St. Barnabas and the Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses (Findlay Street) plan to work together to apply the grant toward making internet connections available in the West End. A focus will be improving wi-fi service at the Findlay Street center so that neighborhood students could come there to remotely connect with their teachers.

Cincinnati Bell has provided some electronic connections in the neighborhood, but advocates say that more are still needed.

The absence of internet connections in much of the low-income, Black neighborhood is denying many students any way of getting an education remotely during the pandemic.

The Episcopal Church’s national leadership approved the grant application by St. Barnabas parishioner Margaret Nelsen and the Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses.

The grant is provided through The Episcopal Church’s Beloved Community “Rapid-Response” grant program, which addresses the racial disparities laid bare by the coronavirus pandemic and for groups responding to racist violence and policing reform. Becoming Beloved Community is the Church’s long-term commitment to racial healing, reconciliation, and justice. Church leadership said it would give priority to grant proposals for “work done in long-term partnership within underserved communities.”

The grants are funded from money allocated by the Episcopal Church’s General Convention in 2018 for use through the Becoming Beloved Community. View a complete list of grant recipients here:

You can read more about St. Barnabas’ Outreach ministries here:

John Nolan is a member of St. Barnabas, Montgomery