Communications & Development Assistant

Communications & Development Assistant 150 150 Episcopalians in Connection

Communications & Development Assistant, St. Paul’s, Dayton

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Oakwood, Ohio, is a parish community of nearly 200 families that live all over the Dayton metropolitan area. We have members of all ages, but are especially interested in reaching out to young adults and families with children.

To that end, we would like to hire an Assistant in Communications & Development to assist our clergy in improving membership relations and communication. This Assistant will coordinate with the clergy in all matters of member pledging and fund-raising by maintaining membership records, coordinating financial statements with the Parish Finance officer, and communicating with members about their giving. The Assistant will also support the volunteer Annual Campaign committee by generating reports, consulting with the committee on setting an annual goal, developing print and online materials, facilitating parish wide mailings, and reporting back to the committee. The Assistant will also write and send out parish wide weekly emails, update and construct parts of the parish website, coordinate marketing and the parish’s social media channels, and collaborate with the video team to improve and publicize the Church’s livestream offerings.

Applicants will ideally have demonstrable experience in all or most of the following duties:

  • Customer/Client Relations Management software (we use Church Windows)
  • website construction, organization, and management (using a platform like Squarespace)
  • membership growth or hospitality
  • small group/volunteer management
  • group email communication using platforms like MailChimp
  • event planning & marketing (esp. regional)
  • organizational social media strategy and administration
  • financial tracking (offerings and additional income)
  • professional written and oral communication
  • desktop publishing

Pay is commensurate with experience for a 800-900 hour per annum position. Interested applicants should send a resume and references to