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The work of the diocese is carried out by the many volunteers (lay people and clergy) who dedicate their time to serving on more than 30 commissions, committees and task forces.

The chair of each committee or commission is responsible for filing an annual report of that group for inclusion in the annual convention journal. Information about each commission is taken from the most recent report. Click here to file a report for 2020.

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Canonical commissions

Commissions whose make-up, terms and duties are spelled out in the canons of the church.

  • Term: 3 year

    The Budget Committee is a committee of Diocesan Council responsible for preparing and reviewing the annual operating budget of the diocese.

    Harold Patrick, chair
    Patrick Hreachmack
    Kathy Mank
    Cheryl Lyman
    The Rev. David Getreu
    Robert Kranz, Diocesan Treasurer
    Carine deLange, Operations Executive and CFO staff liaison

  • Term: 3-year
    Bishop Appointed

    The Commission on Congregational Life is responsible for developing and implementing a mission strategy for the diocese. The commission is charged with encouraging, supporting, evaluating, and seeking opportunities for development and growth of all fellowships, missions, and parishes of the diocese.

    The Rev. Kevin Beesley, chair
    Katrina Mundy
    Ann Shuff
    The Rev. David Getreu
    The Rev. Emmanuel Tuyishime
    Michael Tigner
    The Rev. Elizabeth Hoster
    The Rev. Seth Wymer
    The Rev. Canon Jason Leo, staff liaison

  • Term: 3-year

    The Commission on Ministry is responsible for overseeing a variety of matters concerning ordained and lay ministries in the diocese. The CoM consists of 19 people – three cohorts of six (each serving a 3-year term) and a chair. All are appointed by the bishop.

    Spencer Pugh, Chair
    Lindsay Monihen
    The Rev Meribah Mansfield
    Mike Kennedy
    The Rev. Philip College
    The Rev. Phyllis Speigel
    Ann Shuff
    Dionne Clifton
    Hugo Oliaz
    The Rev. Jason Prati
    The Rev. Rick Incorvati
    The Rev. William Scrivener
    The Rev. Allison English
    The Rev. Tom Fehr
    The Rev. Paul Scanlan
    Emily Joyce
    Miriam McKenney
    Sherri Martin, staff support
    The Rev. Canon John Johanssen, staff liaison
    The Rev. Stephen Cuff, Chaplain to seminarians
    The Rt. Rev. Thomas Breidenthal, ex officio

  • Committee on Agenda and Dispatch of Business

    This committee sets the agenda for convention and oversees the running of convention, including the scripting of the actual business sessions. It also oversees work with the hotel and works with the nominations, resolutions, budget and canons committees, supervises the registration and credentials process and coordinates work with the local arrangements committee for hospitality and support needs.

    Julie Murray, DoB chair, communications
    Ann Sabo, Convention secretary, Project Manager
    Jim Heathcote, Resolutions
    Jon Boss, Nominations
    Sherri Martin, Recording Secretary
    Tammie Vanoss, Credentials, IT
    The Rev. Canon John Johanssen, Canon to the Ordinary, Worship liaison
    Carine de Lange, Operations Executive and CFO
    The Rev. Richard Schisler, Parlimentarian
    Joseph J. Dehner, Esq., Chancellor



    Jon Boss, chair
    Larry James
    Grant Patterson
    The Rev. Devin Rodgers
    Dianne Ebbs
    Melissa Blank
    Julie Murray, staff liaison


    Jim Heathcote, chair
    Edward Lasseigne
    The Rev. Gary Lubin
    Sally Sedgwick
    Julie Murray, staff liaison

    Constitution and Canons

    Joseph Dehner, Chancellor


    Tammie Vanoss

  • 3-year term

    Diocesan Council is the continuing Diocesan Convention throughout the year. Council is governed by Canon XII. Their duty is to carry out the program and policies adopted by Diocesan Convention. Shall have charge of the coordination, development, and prosecution of the missionary, education, and social work of the Church.

    Shall consist of Bishop, Coadjutor or Suffragan if there is one as exofficio member with voice and vote, and 18 persons, 15 of whom shall be elected by the Convention and 3 appointed by the Bishop.

    The Rt. Rev. Thomas Breidenthal, President
    The Rev. Sallie Schisler, 2nd Vice President, Resolutions Oversight
    Clifton Flemister, Mission Share Oversight
    Barry Feist, Program/Ministry Review
    Joshua Sherwood, Program/Ministry Review
    Melissa Shirley, Systemic Review
    David Thomson, 1st Vice President
    Megan Western, Resolution Oversight
    The Rev. Joanna Leiserson
    The Rev. Bill Bales
    Kathy Jose
    Bill Ubbes
    Harold  Patrick
    The Rev. Mitchell Bojarski
    Lissa Barker
    Partick Hreachmack
    The Rev. William Sangrey
    Chad Williams
    Jon Boss
    Robert C. Kranz
    The Rev. Canon John Johanssen, Canon to the Ordinary
    The Rev. David Getreu, Associate for Financial Management and Oversight
    Carine deLange, Operations Executive and CFO

  • Term: 3-year

    The Disciplinary Board is called to carry out the duties described in Title IV.5.1 of the Episcopal Church. It shall consist of not fewer than seven persons to be selected as determined by Diocesan Canon. Board shall include lay persons and priests or deacons, and the majority of the Board members shall be priests or deacons, but by no more than one. Within sixty days following each Diocesan convention, the Board shall convene to elect a president for the following year, unless another method for selection of the president is provided by Diocesan Canon.

    The Rev. Dick Schisler, Title IV Intake Officer
    The Rev. Dr. Stephen Smith, President
    Lissa Barker
    Michael Wayne
    The Rev. Heather Wiseman
    The Rev. Kevin Beesley
    Don Lane
    The Rev. Mary  Carson
    The Rev. Philip DeVaul
    John Harris
    The Rev. Canon John Johanssen, staff liaison

  • The Finance Committee oversees the fiscal responsibilities of the diocese as outlined in Canon X. Members are nominated by the bishop. The committee shall consist of 10 persons, at least six of whom shall be laypersons and shall report to each Annual session and between sessions to the Diocesan Council, upon all such matters pertaining to the finances of the diocese as may be assigned to it by Canon or referred to Convention or Council.

    Nadya W. Richardson, chair
    Jeff Baldrige
    Carine de Lange, Operations Executive and CFO
    The Rev. David Getreu, Associate for Financial Mgmt. and Oversight
    Bill Forbes
    John Harris
    Rob Kranz, Diocesan Treasurer
    Doug Langenfeld
    Ernest Thompson
    Carolyn Wilmesherr
    Dot Yeager
    Randy Young

  • Term: 3-year

    Made up of three lay and three clergy from the Diocese elected for staggered three-year terms. Primary duties are to be a council of advice to the bishop, undertake canonically mandated actions in the ordination process, and review and approve/disapprove any sale or encumbrance of church property in the diocese. Also canonically mandated to review all bishops’ elections and consent.

    The Rev. Ellen Cook, President
    The Rev. Canon Scott Gunn, Vice Chair
    Cathy Bagot
    Larry Hayes, Secretary
    The Rev. Philip DeVaul
    Jim Allsop
    The Rt. Rev. Thomas Breidenthal, ex officio
    The Rev. Canon John Johanssen, staff liaison
    Ann Sabo, Bishop’s Assistant

  • Term: 5-year

    The Trustees of the Church Foundation are responsible for administering loans and funds for church buildings as well as some oversight over diocesan-owned properties.

    Richard Warren, President
    The Rev. Anne Warrington Wilson
    John Gustusfston
    The Rev. Sallie Schisler
    David McKenney
    Robert C.  Kranz, Diocesan Treasurer
    Carine deLange, Operations Executive and CFO, staff liaison

  • Term: 5-year

    Trustees of the diocese (also known as the Procter trustees) is the group responsible for management of diocesan and certain other investments and property owned by the diocese; and for serving as the board of advisors to the bishop on administration of the William Cooper Procter Memorial Fund. Trustees meet quarterly, typically in Cincinnati.

    Emily Savors
    The Rev. David Pfaff
    Mike Krug
    Jon B. Boss
    The Rev. Jack Koepke

    Carine deLange, Operations Executive and CFO, staff liaison
    Joseph Dehner, Chancellor
    Geri McDaniel, recording secretary

Non-canonical commissions

Commissions that are formed and carry out their mission at the direction of the bishop.

  • 412 Sycamore, Incorporated was formed and approved as a not-for-profit corporation on January 24, 1964. The purposes of the corporation are:

    (1) to provide means and assistance to parishes, missions and other organizations of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Southern Ohio for their capital and financial programs;

    (2) to manage, purchase, sell, and invest in property; and

    (3) to borrow money, and to make loans to parishes, missions and organizations, secured by mortgages or deed or trust in property and approved by its Board of Directors.

    Church loans and parochial housing loan proposals are considered by the Directors after a congregation has received the consent of the Standing Committee to encumber the church property with a mortgage. Non-parochial clergy may also apply for housing loans. The day to day affairs of the corporation are administered by the Chief Financial Officer of the Diocese at the direction of the Board.

    John Harris, chair
    Steven Elliott
    Joseph J. Dehner
    Jon B. Boss
    Robert Kranz, diocesan treasurer

  • ACCR advises the Bishop and Diocesan Council (Council) on matters dealing with compensation and employment standards for clergy called to cures and/or offices in the Diocese, and lay employees of the diocese and its member congregations.

    The Rev. Darren Elin, chair
    Jon Boss
    Amy Boyd
    The Rev. David Pfaff
    Katrina Mundy
    David Thomson
    Robert Turley
    Angela Byrd, staff liaison, benefits administrator
    The Rev. John Johanssen, Canon to the Ordinary
    Carine deLange, Operations Executive and CFO

  • The mission of the Becoming Beloved Community Task Force is to plant the seeds of transformation with individuals, congregations and their neighborhoods, and the Church (specifically the Diocese of Southern Ohio), and build capacity for all to work intentionally toward racial healing, reconciliation and justice.

    The Rev. Meribah Mansfield
    Larry James
    Amy Howton, Becoming Beloved Community coordinator
    The Rev. Canon Jane Gerdsen, staff liaison

  • The Campus Ministry Collective works to provide Episcopal presence to college and university communities in the Diocese of Southern Ohio, and to spiritually minister to students, faculty, staff, and administrators of college and university communities.

    The Rev. Deborah Woolsey, convener, Church of the Good Shepherd, Athens
    The Rev. Alice Connor, The Edge House, Cincinnati
    The Rev. Sara Palmer, Holy Trinity, Oxford
    Ellen O’Shaughnessy, The Downtowners Interfaith Campus Ministry, Columbus
    The Rev. Paula Jackson, Church of Our Savior, Cincinnati
    The Rev. Devin Rogers, St. Alban’s, Bexley
    Daniel Buey, St. Stephen’s, Columbus

  • The ECW mission is to promote and address issues and concerns related to women and children within the church by providing resources, education and networking opportunities.

    Kathy Mank, President
    Deborah Allsop, Vice President
    The Rev. Mary Carson, United Thank Offering coordinator
    Amy Baird, Book of Remembrance coordinator
    Sister Jacquelin Marie, Convent representative
    Nancy Schwartz, Communications chair
    The Rev. Irene Radcliff, Church Periodical coordinator
    Madeleine Trichel, Mile of Pennies coordinator
    Amy Boyd, member at large
    The Rt. Rev. Thomas E. Breidenthal, ex officio and staff liaison

  • ECM shall be a major source of grants for congregational ministries working to help our Ohio neighbors overcome several life challenges.

    Shall consist of the Bishop, or representatives, ex officio and up to 9 members appointed by the Bishop. The Bishop will appoint the committee chair, co-chair and members and each will serve a term of one year, renewable on request of the Bishop. The Bishop may fill vacancies on the ministry. All members shall serve at the discretion of the Bishop.
    ECM shall have a minimum of three members and a maximum of nine members.

    The Rev. Ellen Cook, chair
    The Rev. Allison English
    Rae Fellows
    Don Lane
    The Rev. Joanna Leiserson
    Jim Murray
    Jane Paraskevopoulos
    The Rev. Deborah Woolsey
    Carine deLange, staff liaison
    Andrea Owens, staff support

  • Episcopal Relief & Development (ERD) is an effective, reliable and vital ministry of the Episcopal Church in communities around the world. ERD provides emergency assistance in times of disaster, rebuilds devastated communities after the immediate crisis is over, and offers long-term solutions to help people sustain safer, healthier, and more productive lives.

    The network of ERD representatives work throughout the year to both remind members of their congregations of ERD’s “long-term solutions” and how to assist during times of natural disaster.

    Toks Ogungbadero, coordinator
    Jon Boss
    Christine Williams
    David Boop

  • The Faith in Life Committee acts as trustees of an endowment from the Second Century Fund to plan and oversee a program for Christian Education, primarily sponsoring the visiting theologian program and the Hobson Lecture Series.

    The Rev. Karl Stevens, chair
    Elizabeth Thompson
    The Rev. Rick Incorvati
    Doug Pittsenbarger
    The Rev. Canon Lee Anne Reat, staff liaison

  • The mission of the Liturgy and Music Commission is to create educational opportunities for all parishes to understand liturgy more fully and to provide support in whatever ways are necessary for music leaders in all the parishes and missions of the diocese.

    Marsha Reilly, Co-chair
    The Rev. Dr. Cal Lane, Co-chair
    Jennifer Bell
    Phil Clary
    Stephan Casurella
    The Rev. Jason Prati
    The Rev. Marjoire Menaul
    Kevin Wines

  • The purpose of this Trust is to provide continuing funds beyond purely parochial boundaries and needs for the empowerment of minority persons and/or to ameliorate minority problems especially within the area served by the diocese.

    Milicent Eason- President
    The Rev. Ben Speare-Hardy – Vice President
    Cynthia Turner – Secretary
    Cynthia Kilby – Treasurer
    Frank Jackson – Parliamentarian
    Deborah Alsop
    George White