Clergy Misconduct

“By virtue of Baptism, all members of the Church are called to holiness of life and accountability to one another. The Church and each Diocese shall support their members in their life in Christ and seek to resolve conflicts by promoting healing, repentance, forgiveness, restitution, justice, amendment of life and reconciliation among all involved or affected.” 

(Canon Law of the Episcopal Church, Title IV, Canon 1)

All members of the Clergy have accepted additional accountability for doctrine, discipline, worship and obedience. To assure that accountability, Title IV of the Episcopal Church’s canon law instructs that any conduct that prejudices the reputation, good order and discipline of the Church that is committed by the Clergy needs to be reported. Thus, if you believe that a clergy person has engaged in any such conduct, it is essential that the report be submitted and reviewed. The church is dedicated to a fair and truthful process for all sides.

If you believe that a member of the clergy has engaged in behavior that brings material discredit upon the church or violates their vows, please do not hesitate to contact the Rev. John Johanssen, Canon to the Ordinary in the Diocese of Southern Ohio, at 800.582.1712. You will be immediately referred to an intake officer who is trained in the disciplinary process. This person will be in contact with you directly to take your statement and outline the next steps so that a resolution can be reached. You can also reach the intake officers for the Diocese of Southern Ohio, Ms. Amy Howton and the Rev. Rob Willmann, directly at

If you have questions about the Title IV process, please contact the Rev. Canon John R. Johanssen at 800.582.1712 or and you will receive a prompt reply. A chart that describes the process for disciplinary investigations can be found on the Title IV website.