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Church of Our Saviour | La Iglesia de Nuestro Salvador Food Pantry Institutes Safety Protocols

Church of Our Saviour | La Iglesia de Nuestro Salvador Food Pantry Institutes Safety Protocols 150 150 Episcopalians in Connection

Disinfection Procedures and Safe Distancing

Our pantry, which usually includes a sit-down meal twice a week as well as access to the pantry, has had to change everything.

We also didn’t use our regular check in computers, but did everything by hand, as sanitizing keyboards, etc., seemed a little difficult.

  1. We removed all tables except for 12 feet of table, two workers checking people in.
  2. Six chairs, spaced 6 feet apart, close to check-in site, (away from the door).
  3. Six chairs, also widely spaced, closer to the door and also stairs down to pantry.
  4. Volunteers in the pantry pre-bagged food.
  5. Guests are invited in six at a time and asked immediately to go into a bathroom to wash and dry their hands.  (Not drying wet hands can lead to infection).
  6. Sinks sanitized after each group of six.
  7. One of two volunteers gives each guest a clipboard with the papers to complete.  Clipboards and pens are disinfected between each guest, (volunteer also uses hand sanitizer after handling each set of paperwork).
  8. The guest asked to sit in one of the six front seats and complete the paperwork.
  9. Guest approaches the table, volunteer checks over paperwork, verifies IDs/Address.
  10. Guest asked if feminine hygiene products or diapers are needed.  If diapers, what size.
  11. Volunteer writes guest’s name on a post-it: family size, if the additional items are needed.
  12. Guest asked to sit at one of the six back chairs to await the food.
  13. Another person then cleans/disinfects the chair where the person was sitting.
  14. Runner takes post-it down to the pantry, returns with the food, diapers, etc.
  15. Guest receives a “to-go” dinner, takes the bags of food and leaves.
  16. Volunteers disinfect the clipboard and pen, hands, before putting on new paperwork for next guest.

This model is now being instituted by other Food Pantries in the area.

Submitted by Nancy Sullivan, Transformations Director
who collaborates with Our Saviour’s Food Ministries