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Bonding of parish treasurers and other officers who handle church funds

Bonding of parish treasurers and other officers who handle church funds 640 640 Episcopalians in Connection

Recently, a congregation raised a question whether its Treasurer was required to be “bonded” in accordance with Episcopal Church and Diocesan Canons. Diocesan Canons state that treasurers and other officers of a church parish, mission or other institution be “bonded” according to Episcopal Church Canons. Episcopal Church Canons require that treasurers be “adequately bonded.”

According to Diocesan Chancellor Joe Dehner, if a parish, mission, or other Episcopal institution is insured by Church Insurance of Vermont (part of Church Insurance Companies of the Episcopal Church), the congregation or institution meets this canonical requirement. Church Insurance of Vermont provides Crime Coverage, which includes the treasurer and other officers when acting on behalf of the congregation or institution if such an officer improperly takes funds belonging to the Church.

If a congregation is not covered by Church Insurance of Vermont, you must verify that you have the same type of crime coverage that Church Insurance of Vermont provides (or you can acquire a bond covering persons who handle church funds).  For those not using Church Insurance of Vermont, please review your congregation’s insurance policy to ensure adequate coverage.

Any questions or concerns, please contact the Rev. David Getreu, Associate for Financial Management and Oversight for the Diocese of Southern Ohio, at 740-334-9775 or