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Bishop Price contract to end in May

Bishop Price contract to end in May 1440 906 Episcopalians in Connection

April 8, 2021
Thursday in Easter Week

Dear friends in Christ,

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

As you will recall, we signed a six-month letter of agreement with Bishop Ken Price to serve as Assisting Bishop for a period beginning December 1. At the time, we said that the Standing Committee needed immediate assistance with episcopal ministry and also some time to assess the needs of the diocese during this transitional period.

Today we met with Bishop Price to let him know we will not be renewing his letter of agreement once it expires at the end of May, and we will not be asking him to serve as Bishop Provisional in the diocese.

We want to be clear that this decision is not a reflection of the fine work Bishop Price has done to this point. In fact, we are deeply grateful for his pastoral care, his wisdom, and his love of the diocese. At the same time, we believe strongly that for us to move forward to a place where we are ready to call a new Diocesan Bishop, Southern Ohio needs an outside leadership perspective. We look forward to working with Bishop Price through the end of May, and know that he will continue to be a pastoral presence in this diocese as we move forward together.

This Committee wants to express to Bishop Price our heartfelt gratitude for his willingness to step into the breach during a difficult and uncertain time. He is a faithful man with a servant’s heart, and we are honored by the opportunity to work with him. We hope that you will take the opportunity to reach out to him personally and thank him for his care and leadership. It is our intention to enlist a Bishop from outside the diocese in the next couple months, and our hope that this person will be in place in early Summer.

As a reminder, we will be hosting listening sessions to hear from the whole diocese over the next few weeks. In May, the Standing Committee will meet in an in-person, socially-distanced retreat with our transition consultant to map out what our diocese needs during this transition time and to set a timeline for that work. We will share the timeline and goals once they are set.

As always, if you have suggestions, questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us by writing to

With every blessing of the Easter season, we are,

Yours faithfully,

The Standing Committee
Mr. Larry Hayes, president
The Rev. Philip DeVaul, vice-president
Dr. James Allsop
The Rev. Dr. Ellen Cook
Mr. Barry Feist
The Rev. Canon Scott Gunn