Application to License to Officiate

Obtaining a License to Officiate

If you are a priest from another diocese who lives in the Diocese of Southern Ohio and wishes to occasionally serve as supply clergy for one of our congregations, you must first take the following steps to become Licensed to Officiate in the Diocese of Southern Ohio:

  • Fill out the License to Officiate (LTO) application, with attached biographical materials (CV , etc)
  • Email to request a meeting with the bishop to Kristi Reynolds, Executive Assistant to the Bishop, at
Meeting with the Bishop

The day of your meeting, please bring a copy of your:

  • Certification of ordination
  • Letter of good standing from the bishop in your Diocese of Canonical Residence
Next Steps

Following your meeting with the bishop, a background check will be initiated by our office. When that report is received, you will receive notification that you have been Licensed to Officiate in the Diocese of Southern Ohio until the next Diocesan Convention (each year in November). Your license is renewable from convention to convention, e.g. November to November.

If you wish to serve as supply clergy on Sundays, you may then be added to our Clergy Supply List.