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A Letter of Thanks from Amy Boyd

A Letter of Thanks from Amy Boyd 300 300 Episcopalians in Connection

Amy Boyd, executive director of Procter Center, has announced that she is leaving that position on December 30 to become executive director of the Brantwood Camp in New Hampshire. Her letter of thanks to the people of the diocese is below.

Dear Friends:

It is time to say goodbye. I have loved every minute (well just about every minute) that I have worked at Procter. It is such a special place. As I reflect I think about the physical space. It seems open and that there aren’t many trees, but there are beautiful old trees and lots of new ones planted for future generations to enjoy. I have an amazing Sycamore tree right outside the white house that I adore. I watch it change season after season. There is a family of grackles that come back every year. I watch the parents flying around gathering up those juicy caterpillars for their little ones. By the way, only the native trees will support the insects that the birds need to feed their babies, so plant native.

The red barn stands as a sentinel for the property. I love this building and have done much to make it better and more enjoyable. The main room has been drywalled and painted and the downstairs bathrooms have been redone and are much more enjoyable to use now. When I take people on tours of the facility, it is the top of the red barn that they are most fascinated with. It is a sturdy old beautiful building that I hope will always be here.

Which brings me to Christ Chapel. Stunning in its simplicity. Awestruck when I walked in. Peace descending from the cathedral ceiling and the outside is in. I reflect back to the first Eucharist that I experience at Procter and it was at the end of staff training my first summer. The feeling I came away with was the abundance of love. I felt it in my soul and was welcomed to Procter and summer camp.

The farm is another amazing place. Each year I have watch the brown lifeless fields spring to glory as seeds are sowed and watered and weeded until abundance comes forth. It is feels good to be part of something that is growing and developing. The farm has come a long way since I started due to the great farm managers that we have had, Bethany, Danielle, Ryan and all the farm interns that have been here and learned so much from us and we them.

Some of the things I’m most proud of are:

  • Teaching kids to sew at camp and making 5 quilts for the center. The quilt project at the Center has brighten up the rooms with a personal touch of love and I’m grateful for all the quilts that were donated to make this happen.
  • Starting the Respite program for youth in Madison County. One weekend a month children come to Procter to relax and just be kids. Most of the time, life at home is a challenge and here they can be themselves and have a fun weekend.
  • Starting day camp and the after school program. Day Camp has been such a joy to watch take off. Doubled attendance the second year as we enjoyed the new Bishop Price pavilion and sport court. After School is starting a bit slow, but I believe it will take off just like day camp has.
  • The Procter Store. When I arrived Bishop Breidenthal asked me to please reach out to London  and connect Procter to our community. I feel that I accomplished this goal with the Store in downtown London serving folks that would otherwise not have access to fresh food. The Store has made so many more people aware of what Procter is and what we have to offer the community. I have served on the Downtown London Revitalizing Commission appointed by the Mayor. I’m a board member on the 1811 Downtown District trying to bring the downtown of London back to its glory days and that is no easy task. The Procter Store has played a small part in bringing life back to London.

I’m so thankful for a great staff all these years. Many have been here forever and they all bring their talents and gifts to Procter each day. I am thankful for a great Board of Directors who have been by my side every step of the way. I have come to know so many of our clergy and devoted Episcopalians because of my time at Procter. Many will be lifelong friends and I will miss each of you dearly.

I’m on my way to New Hampshire as Executive Director of the Brantwood Camp started in 1904 by an Episcopal Priest named Donald Browne. He came upon a beautiful spot in the New Hampshire wilderness. It was his dream “…among the glorious hills and woods in friendly comradeship”, to bring children out of the city to the out of doors to give them a chance to be kids, learn skills and make friends. The same premise lives on today, with youth coming from NY, NJ and Boston to enjoy 2 week sessions in the beautiful woods of New Hampshire. I’m honored to  have been chosen to carry on this legacy and look forward to spending time in the woods with youth and young adults to give them a camp experience that can literally change their lives.

My last day at Procter will be December 30, 2022. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve and I will be forever grateful to each of you for this experience.

Blessings and Peace,

Amy R. Boyd