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2023 budget process underway

2023 budget process underway 1275 1650 Episcopalians in Connection

The Budget Committee of Diocesan Council has begun the process of developing the diocese’s operating budget for 2023. Application forms were sent to budget owners – the people responsible for each area of the operating budget – last week, and completed applications are due by May 1. The application is available on the website or from David Getreu, associate for financial management and oversight, via email.

This year, Bishop Smith has asked budget owners to use zero-based budgeting to develop their requests. Zero-based budgeting is a process in which each expense is evaluated and projected based on the need for the upcoming year rather than as an adjustment of the previous year’s amount.
“In 2023, we hope to align the diocese’s operating budget more closely with its strategic mission,” Bishop Smith said. “I encourage leaders involved in the budgeting process to look at the budget with new eyes, determining which expenses can be reduced or eliminated and which program areas need additional investment to carry out the mission to which God has called us.”

During the process of developing the operating budget, budget owners are paired with a Budget Committee member who can help guide them through the process. Please direct questions about the 2023 budget process to Patrick Hreachmack, Budget Committee chair, or the Rev. David Getreu.