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2020 ECM Year in Review

2020 ECM Year in Review 560 420 Episcopalians in Connection

After a period of discernment, the Episcopal Community Services Foundation (ECSF) board dissolved the independent 501(c) nonprofit organization at the end of 2019 to reduce administrative costs. In January 2020, the Diocese of Southern Ohio formed Episcopal Communities Ministries (ECM), continuing to demonstrate faith in action. The transition from ECSF to ECM significantly decreased operating costs now that the bishop’s staff supports operations. We have also reduced marketing/communication coast and are working to further reduce database costs. We can now
proudly state that every dollar raised goes directly to our neighborhood outreach ministries. (The 2019/2020 comparison chart on page 3 details the savings.)

In the Winter of 2020, the newly formed ECM Committee met to review the grant requests submitted in 2019 totaling $86,000. This was particularly challenging given that only $47,000 was available to distribute. There was much discussion about how to be the best stewards of the resources shared with us and how to fairly allocate limited funds.

The decision was made to give priority to parish programs over independent community programs, funding projects that have active participation of church members and supported by congregational resources. To stretch the funds fairly and to impact as many communities as possible, many ministries received less than originally requested. Checks were mailed in March 2020. Please see page 2 for a complete listing of the grants awarded.

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